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Who are we?

“… It means “equal to equal”, “the same”. Kifkif is a nonprofit dedicated to bettering the circumstances of LGBT people who find themselves in a vulnerable situation, and, especially, to the community of refugees, migrants, and people in risk of social exclusion.”

Since 2008, Kifkif has been registered as a non-profit organization. Without embargo, their work in favor of social inclusion of persons of diverse backgrounds and the eradication of discrimination because of xenophobia, racism, homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, and transphobia surmounts work of years past.

The organization was born from a group of ambitious young people, full of initiative, linked to the social and cultural fields. They wanted to create a space to work for a particular common cause: to contribute to the welcoming of LGBT migrants and refugees recently arrived in the community of Madrid, helping to lessen culture shock, and working with them for the formation of an intercultural society of respect and integration for those coming from other countries, on the margin due to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Kifkif works in many distinct and intersecting areas, giving human, social, and cultural assistance to persons in risk of social exclusion.

In this way, Kifkif develops programs in distinct areas like Equality (Women, gender, and coeducation), health (AIDS, HIV, and healthy life habits), Intercultural Exchange, and Sensibility and Social Teaching, with the goal that the reality for this community is an effective equality of rights and duties, ending the existence of first and second class citizenship.
DEV Who are we?